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Edita Food Industries was established in 1996 by the Berzi family and holds a leading market share in each of its seven segments that span the Egyptian snack food market, including the cake, croissants, rusks (baked wheat), wafers, candy, biscuits, and frozen baked product segments. Today, Edita is one of the leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in Egypt and the Middle East with c.7,000 employees and more than 125 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).  The company is well known for its consistently high-quality products and strong brands including Molto, TODO, Bake Rolz, Bake Stix, Mimix, Freska, HOHO’s, Twinkies, Tiger Tail and Oniro. Edita acts also as the sole regional distributor of several brands of imported sweeteners, olive oils, and pasta.

Edita brands are a part of everyday life in Egypt and 17 other countries worldwide.


Edita’s reputation for quality and affordable pricing strategy has led to the company holding positions in five of its market segments: ranking first at its cakes, bakery, and rusk segments, second at the wafer segment, and third at the candy segment . As such, Edita has become a leader in the Egyptian snack food market and its brands are some of the most recognized by consumers in Egypt – Edita’s core cake and croissant brands have close to 100% brand awareness.*


Product Segment Croissant Rusks Cake Candy Wafer Frozen
Brands Croissant Rusks Cake Candy Wafer Frozen
FY23 Market Share Rank #1 #1 #1 #2 #2 new segment

The driving force behind Edita’s success is the consistently high quality of its products. This quality is made possible by our application of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) food management system, and reflected in all our production facilities having received the following certifications: Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000), Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSAS 18001), Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), National Food Safety Auditor (NFSA) certification and the HALAL food certification.

Edita boasts seven state-of-the-art production facilities, encompassing 34 production lines. Three of our production facilities are located in 6th of October, one in 10th of Ramadan City and one in Beni Suef industrial zone to the south of Cairo. Each facility is managed by a plant manager who is fully responsible for meeting production plans while maintaining Edita’s high standards. A quality manager is also present in each facility. This department employs more than half of Edita’s 7,000 staff members.

Edita also places great importance on research and innovation activities, viewing it as a key pillar of its growth strategy going forward. Edita will continue to utilize its R&I capabilities to develop in-house offerings and complement its roadmap of launching new products. In that regard, the company has already brought online a new lab in the E07 factory with ongoing research on cost cutting possibilities given the flexibility and diversity of Edita’s inputs. Additionally, the R&I department plays a key role in Edita’s drive to localize some of its imported materials in order to reduce the company’s need for foreign currency, all while ensuring quality control.

Products sold overseas averaged 9% of the company’s total sales in FY2023. Key export markets include Iraq, Palestine, and Libya which together constituted more than 70% of total exports in FY2023. The company relies on local distributors for its export business and deals with them on a cash-in-advance basis given the high risk profile of many of its key export destinations.

In Egypt, Edita Trade and Distribution currently boasts an expansive sales and distribution network, featuring 55,000 points of sale, 26 distributions centers, 1,065 fleets, and 900 sales representatives. Notably, high demand for Edita’s products allow to maintain a cash-based policy for 97% of its domestic sales despite the Egyptian market being predominately credit-based for the snacks industry.

Looking ahead, Edita intends to focus on maintaining its relationships with existing customers while enhancing vertical and horizontal sales growth by working to increase order size and further developing its distribution capacity. The company currently boasts a wholesale to retail ratio of 50:50, exemplifying its strong control and leading position in the market. 


  • Increase our penetration of the Egyptian snack food market and expand our customer base while diversifying our revenue streams
  • Expand production capabilities and capacity to meet growing demand
  • Introduce new and innovative products aligned with changing consumer trends
  • Enhance profitability by improving product mix and driving manufacturing efficiencies
  • Grow operations regionally


Edita’s vision and mission guide all of the company’s actions.


  • Setting the benchmark of snacking with our high quality, innovative products.


  • Together, spreading joy through trusted brands.

Core Values

  • Trust: We believe in Mutual Trust, we trust in our people; our biggest asset, and believe in their contribution to the growth of our organization and they in turn trust in our company to develop and nurture their potential to achieve their career goals.
  • Responsibility: Responsibility towards our stakeholders and community as well as commitment to quality are pivotal to our strategy and operations.
  • Innovation: Innovation is what defines and leads us as a company. 
  • Teamwork: Teamwork is core, we believe that the power of “We” is key to achieve our goals.


Legal Structure

Investment Law No. 230 of year 1989, amended by Law No. 8 of year 1997 and its executive regulations, and the Money Market Law No. 95 of year 1992

Founded in 1996, Edita has capitalized on its strong reputation for quality and affordability to become the leading snack food company in Egypt.


  • • Official inauguration of the Edita Morocco facility
  • • Launch of Freska Choco Sticks and Oniro LAVA
  • • Partnership with TotalEnergies to provide fuel cards for Edita
  • • Rebranding of Molto Sandwich as Molto Fino
  • • Launch of new cake product, HOHOs Mix
  • • Introduction of Twinkies to the Moroccan market


  • • Production commences at Edita's Morocco facility
  • • Edita launches Molto Mini Magnum, Freska Block, and HOHOs Extreme, rebranding HOHOs and Molto portfolios with launch of upsized SKUs
  • • New bakery production line acquired, increasing capacity by 20%”


  • • Launched Molto Magnum and Sandwich, Twinkies Zig Zag, and Freska Sticks and resized several SKUs
  • • Launched Edita Foundation for Social Development
  • • Entered the biscuits market with the launch of a new brand “Oniro”
  • • Completed construction of manufacturing facility in Morocco


  • • Installation of a new wafer production line at E08 and launch of Freska Pops as part of the Freska wafer brand
  • • Sponsoring Total Africa Cup of Nations 2019 Tournament and Egyptian national football team
  • • Finalizing a USD 20 million financing agreement with the International Finance Corporation
  • • Receiving a MAD 15 million grant from the Moroccan government to support operations of JV with Dislog
  • • Securing a long-term lease agreement for a 13,000 sqm plot of land to build the new Moroccan facility
  • • Beginning of the factory construction phase in Morocco
  • • Inauguration of new BonBon Bursts and Breeze candy lines under MiMix brand
  • • Launch of new ToDo Max under leading ToDo cake brand


  • Edita launches TODO Go Layered Cakes
  • Edita launches vanilla-flavored wafer products under its Freska brand
  • Signed Shareholder's Agreement with Morocco's Dislog Group
  • Rolled out a rebranding campaign for Molto
  • Launched TODO Mini Muffins in 1Q2018


  • Signed an MoU to form JV with Moroccan distributor, Dislog Group
  • Edita launches TODO Donut with the commissioning of its 2nd line at E08
  • Edita inaugurates E08 factory with the commissioning of a new wafer production line and the launch of Freska Fingers and Freska Bites
  • Rolled out a rebranding campaign for Freska
  • Launched Molto Mini Mix in 1Q2017, HOHO’s Uncoated 2Q2017, and expanded TODO layered range in 4Q17


  • New candy line installed, and production began in 4Q2016
  • Inked agreement with KSA’s Khalifa A.Algosaibi Cold Stores for the distribution of its HTT Brands
  • Launched TODO Bomb in 1Q2016, Twinkies Icing in 2Q2016, and TODO Brownies in 3Q2016
  • Began construction of phase one of new E08 factory
  • Edita Food Industries Acquires New Land to Produce a Premix Formula in August 2016
  • New Strudel line was commissioned in February 2016 and became fully operational by the end of the first quarter of the year. 


  • Edita acquires land in Sixth of October City’s Polaris Al-Zamil district, which falls in close proximity to its E07 plant, to build a new factory (E08).
  • Edita Food Industries acquires rights to its existing HoHo’s, Twinkies & Tiger Tail (HTT) Brands in 12 additional MENA countries, acquires technical assistance & know-how to manufacture 11 new Hostess Brands products
  • The company lists on the Egyptian Exchange, enhancing its corporate profile and access to growth capital


  • Edita builds a new headquarters and logistics hub in Sheikh Zayed City
  • The company introduces an ERP system upgrade - SAP
  • Edita acquires HTT brands (Hohos, Twinkies and Tiger Tail) in Egypt, Libya, Jordan & Palestine


  • Edita launches wafer products - Freska
  • Edita builds a production plant in Polaris Industrial Park (E-07) in 6th October City to meet increased demand


  • Edita undergoes a rebranding campaign including launching its new logo
  • Sales cross the EGP 1 billion mark
  • Edita enters the candy market with MiMix, building a production facility (E-15) in the city of Beni Suef dedicated to candy products


  • Launch of the TODO family
  • Introduction of handheld online recording and receipt computers from Motorola


  • Edita introduces Dynamics Great Plains ERP (an ERP system integrating all business processes and providing business intelligence).


  • Edita achieves world class safety certifications including HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 18001


  • Management restructuring


  • Edita purchases & upgrades the Hostess factory (E-10) in 10th of Ramadan City and enters the snack cakes market manufacturing under international license


  • Bake Rolz introduced into Egypt


  • Molto chocolate-filled croissants introduced into Egypt


  • Edita is founded and begins construction of the E-06 Plant in 6th of October City

Edita's unwavering commitment to quality and affordability has not only solidified its reputation but also positioned the company as a leader in all six of its well-established market segments. The strong brand equity that Edita has built over the years played a pivotal role in the company's successful entry into Egypt's biscuit market in 2020 and its recent penetration of the untapped frozen food segment.


  • Produces rolled, filled and layered cakes as well as the market’s first, long shelf life brownies
  • +25 SKUs
  • 49.4% share of total revenue for 2022
  • Brands: TODO, HOHOs, Twinkies, Tiger Tail

Edita’s cakes segment is the largest contributor to consolidated revenues at 49% in 2022, while the cakes market is a relatively mature sector with Edita continuing to hold the number one spot in terms of market share as of 2022.


  • Produces sweet, savory croissants and strudels
  • +35 SKUs
  • 32.9% share of total revenue for 2022
  • Brands: Molto 

Edita is a pioneer in the segment having introduced the first packaged croissant brand in Egypt. It has since grown to command a leadership position in the market with over 35 innovative SKUs produced under its flagship Molto brand.


  • Produces coated and uncoated wafers
  • +20 SKUs
  • 9.7% share of total revenue for 2022
  • Brands: Freska

Following investments in production capacity and product optimization, Edita’s wafer segment is ranked second overall in terms of market share and first in the coated wafer subsegment.


  • Produces baked wheat salty snacks
  • +30 SKUs
  • 5.2% share of total revenue for 2022
  • Brands: Bake Rolz and Bake Stix

The rusks market is a fast-growing sector within the larger salty snack segment, which in turn represents Egypt’s most frequently consumed snack food category. The company currently competes in the fast-growing rusks subsector with its Bake Family products. Today, thanks to its wide-ranging rusks portfolio encompassing more than 30 SKUs, Edita controls the largest share of the Egyptian rusks market. Under the Bake Rolz and Bake Stix brands, Edita provides consumers with a healthier baked snack variety compared to traditional fried snacks, allowing it to stand out from competitors in the sector.


  • Produces hard, soft, jelly candy and lollipops
  • +9 SKUs
  • 2.3% share of total revenue for 2022
  • Brands: MiMix

The highly fragmented Egyptian candy market continued to be the fastest growing among all of Edita’s segments, ranked third in terms of market share in 2022.


  • +6 SKUs
  • 0.5% share of total revenue for 2020
  • Brands: Oniro

Edita’s flagship Oniro brand marks the company’s 10th brand and Egypt’s first locally produced packaged chocolate chip cookie.


  • Produces frozen croissant and puff pastry
  • 9 SKUs
  • New segment
  • Brands: Molto Forni

Edita’s ventures into the frozen food segment, tapping into the demand of this underserved market.

* All figures are as at end 2022. Market data is from AC Nielsen; Brand awareness figures are from IPSOS.

Edita’s supply chain is the lynchpin of the company’s operational model. In compliance with the highest international industry standards, Edita implements the internationally recognized Sales & Operational Planning process as it pertains to its supply chain, ensuring that planning, purchasing and logistics work streams are synchronized, streamlined and carried out in close coordination.

The effort the company puts into production planning, purchasing and the integration of the distribution function into overall operations are key strengths that set Edita apart from our peers.

The quality of materials determine the quality of our products, and Edita has a number of processes and policies in place to ensure that only the highest quality, freshest materials are used. Materials are sourced from both domestic and international suppliers, with 82% of all materials sourced locally, with the balance coming from suppliers from countries ranging from North America to Europe to the Middle East. All suppliers, both domestic and international, must adhere to Edita’s strict quality standards.

For sourcing inputs, a key part of the company’s overall strategy is to avoid relying on a sole supplier to obtain raw materials so as to reduce any potential leverage a certain supplier might have on the company; whether in terms of pricing, quality or delivery. Likewise, the company seeks to keep supplies secure by working only with proven responsible and reliable suppliers.

Edita boasts seven state-of-the-art production facilities, encompassing 34 production lines. Three of our production facilities are located in 6th of October, one in 10th of Ramadan City and one in Beni Suef industrial zone to the south of Cairo. Each facility is managed by a plant manager who is fully responsible for meeting production plans while maintaining Edita’s high standards. A quality manager is also present in each facility. This department employs more than half of Edita’s 7,000 staff members.

Our laboratories are among the most important areas within our facilities: We not only develop our market-leading products, but do so through the application of international-standard manufacturing practices to inspect, receive and handle ingredients as well as producing and handling finished products prior to going to market and performing continuous testing to guarantee shelf life.  

On the regional expansion front, Edita successfully completed the construction of its first overseas production facility in Morocco and has two operating production lines.

6th October City E-06

Began Operations In:
Bakery, Cakes, Rusks
# of Lines:
Total Land Area:
33,638 sqm
Total Built-Up Area:
22,065 sqm
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000)
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSAS 18001)

10th of Ramadan E-10

Acquired by Edita In:
# of Lines:
Total Land Area:
11,733 sqm
Total Built-Up Area:
7,592 sqm
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000)
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSAS 18001)

Beni Suef E-15

Began Operations In:
Hard and Soft Candy
# of Lines:
Total Land Area:
25,611 sqm
Total Built-Up Area:
11,525 sqm
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000)
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSAS 18001)

6th October City E-07 (Hall A& B)

Began Operations In:
Bakery, Cakes, Wafers, Rusks
# of Lines:
Total Land Area:
50,000 sqm
Total Built-Up Area:
30,500 sqm
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000)
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSAS 18001)

6th October City E-08

Began Operations In:
Cakes, Wafers, Biscuits
# of Lines:
4 installed, space for 7 more
Total Land Area:
55,000 sqm
Total Built-Up Area:
36,000 sqm
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000)
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSAS 18001)


Began Operations In:
Total Land Area:
13,000 sqm
Total Built-Up Area:
8,232 sqm

Research & Innovation

Our specialist R&I department identifies new product opportunities based on consumer research and was instrumental in introducing new snack product categories in Egypt, including packaged croissants and rusks. Through the work of our R&I department at the laboratories, Edita has successfully introduced eleven brands to the Egyptian market since 1997, enabling the company to stimulate demand, generate consumer loyalty, and keep it a step ahead of its competition.

Edita has an extensive, streamlined and effective distribution platform of 26 distribution centers covering 27 governorates, giving the company an unrivalled reach, allowing us to efficiently serve more than 65,000 direct retail and wholesale customers. This network offers Edita a solid underpinning for expansion.

Key Facts

  • 26

    Distribution Centers

  • 27

    Footprint of governorates

  • 1,065

    Distribution fleets

  • 1,444

    Highly qualified sales force

  • 900

    Sales representatives