Edita (EFID.CA on the EGX and EFIDq.L on the LSE) is a leader in the growing Egyptian packaged snack food market. The Company manufactures, markets and distributes a range of branded snack products including packaged cakes, croissants, rusks (baked wheat), and wafers as well as selected confectionary/candy products.


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Edita shares also trade on the LSE as GDRs under the symbol EFID
  • 5 Key product segments across 16 MENA countries
  • 159,400 Tons in total annual production capacity at our 5 state-of-the-art facilities
  • 21 Distribution centers and a fleet of 603 distribution vehicles

About Edita

Edita Food Industries was established in 1996 by the Berzi family and Chipita International (through Exoder Limited) and holds a leading market share in each of its five segments that span the Egyptian snack food market, including the cake, croissants, rusks (baked wheat), wafers, and candy segments. Today, Edita is one of the leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in Egypt and the Middle East with c.6,200 employees and 128 stock-keeping units (SKUs). The company is well known for its consistently high quality products and strong brands including Molto, TODO, Bake Rolz, Bake Stix, Mimix, Freska, HoHo’s, Twinkies and Tiger Tail. Edita acts also as the sole regional distributor of several brands of imported sweeteners, olive oils, and pasta.